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Regine's Healthy Living March - April 2006 Vol. 1

About Me

I had a vision and now it's a reality.

I am a Paralegal and Caterer with an interest in healty spiritual living and sharing my knowledge with you.

I live New York City with my husband of nine years Michael and my beautiful daughter Maelle. I have a twin brother and an older sister we are a very close family , My mother is half an hour away from me so we see each other very often.

Wine bottle and glass
Taking a break from work

Here's a list of some of my favorite movies:
From my home DVD Collection

Runner has it,  Four Brothers,  Something New,  Walk the Line, Crash, Meet the Fookers,
L4yearcake, The wedding crashers.

Here's a list of some of my favorite Restaurants:
for a Night dinning out in Manhattan

Angelo and Maxie's $51

233 Park Avenue .S (19th St.) Telephone 212-220-9200



Cite $ 58

120 West. 51st St.(bet.6th & 7th Avenues) Telephone 212-956-7100



Frank's $54

410 W.16th St (bet.9th & 10th Aves.) 212-243-1349 $54


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