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Regine's Healthy Living March - April 2006 Vol. 1

Eating Wisely


Three Tips for Healthy Eating

Change your eating habits gradully.

Limit processed foods because most contribute large amounts

Eat a wide variety of foods to get the full range of nutrients.

That's what I am doing now.

Here's an easy way to obtain the right foods for a healthy diet. Think of what you eat and drink in terms of servings. A typical serving would be a piece of fruit, half a cup of vegetables, pasta, or brown rice i've been using the stroehman whole wheat family grains. I get two bags for $3.00 at the Super Market. 2-3 oz of lean meat or 2oz of cheese.

Whole - grain 5 - 12 servings

they are filling and contain vitamins and minerals.

Fruits and Vegetables 5 - 10 servings

Contains high percentage of fiber and water to fill you up and prevent constipation. I should know, lolololololo.

Meat and alternatives 2- 3 servings

Chose lean meats, poultry and fish as well as dried peas, beans, and lentils. These are protein - rich foods, which are vital for muscle and nerve function. Slow down on the pork and red meat use legumes in stead. I've been shopping at the Farmers Markets the vegetables are so much cheaper, Look for one in your area.

Dairy products 2- 3 servings

Choose low fat milk products. They contains calcium, which is needed for healthy bones, nerves and teeth.

Other foods only to be eaten Sparingly

They include foods that are mostly oils, such as butter, margarine, cooking oils, I just started using olive oil now I know the good ones can be pricy a good olive oil is foggy and must say 100% on the container. I buy the Bertolli Classico 3 liters cost me $25.00 on sale. Some more food to avoid, sugar use brown sugar it's natural the other white powdered one are all process, high salt or high fat such as chips, pretzels, use the unsalted ones.

Reference note: Reader's Digest 1999 by Dr. Michael Perrinf and Ann Hooper

How supplements can help

I will be adding more as we go. 

Flaxseed and primerose are essential fatty acids aid in diluting the the oily sebum, reducing the likelyhood of clogged pores.

Folic Acid

maitains red blood cell and promotes the healthy functioning of nerves, Moreover , it protects the heart by helping the body process homocysteine,and amino acid - like compound that may raise the risk of heart diase.

Ginko Biloba

may improve dizziness, helps with memory.

Vitamin B - 12

Prevents anemia, hepls reduce depresssion

Reference notes : readers digest 1999 Editor Wayne Kalyn.

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