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Regine's Healthy Living March - April 2006 Vol. 1

Better Relationships Family and Friends


Rejoice in your love, and strengthen your bond with passion and intimacy.

5 ways to keep love alive

  • Music and laugther - play the song that you first dance to
  • Holding hands - Closenes,care and empathy can bring romance into your relationship.
  • Making love - Physical expression is an important aspect of every sexual relationship. Talk honestly to your partner about concerns you may have.
  • Keeping your life inspired - Think of a novel thing to do each week; go for a walk, cook a meal together, invite some friends over for dinner.
  • Romance - You don't have to be extravagant,but a little bit of effort can keep your partnership fresh, a simple card, a small candle night dinner for the two of you will do wonder trust me.

Make new friends

  • Friends help you maintain emotional stability.which influence our physical health.

  • Having friends helps prevent loneliness and depression. One can only have enough time spend with their spouses.Friends provide anchor points for opinions, beliefs and emotional responses. A good friend values your opinion. Let your friend know that you are always there for them.


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