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Regine's Healthy Living March - April 2006 Vol. 1


This website is a support system for busy everyday-women who want to stay connected with our inner-selves, family and friends by sharing knowledge on various topics  regarding changing our daily lifestyles.

Eating Wisely

Here you will learn how to choose the right food, change bad eating habits into good ones.

Spiritual Well Being

Practice meditation to heal your emotions and boots creativity. Take a daily walk for 20 minutes.

Better Relationships Family and Friends

Baggage in past relationships. for working mothers find time to spend with your daughter/sons.

Helpful Beauty Tips; And Not Just for Women

How to create your own make over. Hair, Nail, Skin.

Physical Fitness; Building a Better You

Spring Diet Starting Now.

Be bold take a belly dancing class, Start a new diet with friends on our support group,meditate do Yoga for your posture

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